Raccoons can wreck your roof. Don’t give them a way in.

Don’t invite these guys inside.

Keep raccoons out of your attic by following these tips

Raccoons can be cute. But, they can also wreak havoc on your roof.

Around this time of year, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and other four-legged furry creatures start looking for a way into your attic or soffit to start a family. And once they get in, they don’t take too kindly to eviction.

Squirrels are opportunists. But raccoons, more than most wildlife, work relentlessly to get into homes. Particularly, when they’ve succeeded in the past, or when food and garbage gets their attention.

Raccoons are a problem. Prevention is possible.

It’s important to protect your home by looking for ways these crafty creatures can gain access and eliminating many common temptations. 

Start by checking and securing your soffit vents. Raccoons can actually use their tiny claws to extract loose screws and bolts. Next, keep all trees and bushes trimmed back away from the house. Otherwise, you’re giving any animal that can climb a free elevator pass to your roof. Finally, remember your house was built in their environment. So don’t leave food out and keep a tight lid on all garbage cans. 

What if the damage is already done? Raccoon damage to roof soffit vent

Do you smell something…unpleasant? There’s a good chance an animal got into your home, but couldn’t find a way out. Whether or not it’s still alive, don’t try to remove a wild animal by yourself. Call a professional pest control expert or your village’s animal control unit.

Remember, any opening to your home is an opportunity for other rodents, insects, and birds. So, keep your house buttoned up tight, keep trash and food out of sight, and keep trees and bushes far from your roof. For more great tips and advice on protecting your home from raccoons, check out this resource from Today’s Homeowner

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